pin1 S3 [pın] n
1¦(for joining/fastening)¦
5 you could hear a pin drop
6¦(part of bomb)¦
8 for two pins I'd ...
9 pins
[: Old English; Origin: pinn]
a) a short thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end, used especially for fastening together pieces of cloth while making clothes
b) a thin piece of metal used to fasten things together, especially broken bones
AmE a piece of metal, sometimes containing jewels, that you fasten to your clothes to wear as a decoration
British Equivalent: brooch
BrE one of the pieces of metal that sticks out of an electric ↑plug
a three-pin plug
bowling ball, ↑shoes, ↑pin, ↑bowling
4.) ¦(BOWLING)¦
one of the bottle-shaped objects that you try to knock down in a game of ↑bowling
5.) you could hear a pin drop
spoken used to say that it is very quiet and no one is speaking
6.) ¦(PART OF BOMB)¦
a short piece of metal which you pull out of a ↑hand grenade to make it explode a short time later
7.) ¦(GOLF)¦
a metal stick with a flag at the top which marks the holes on a ↑golf course
8.) for two pins I'd ...
BrE old-fashioned used to say that you would like to do something to someone because they have annoyed you
For two pins, I'd just send them all home.
9.) pins [plural] BrE informal legs
pin 2
pin2 past tense and past participle pinned present participle pinning
v [T always + adverb/preposition]
1.) to fasten something somewhere, or to join two things together, using a pin
pin sth to/on sth
Can you pin this to the notice board?
He pinned the name tag on his jacket.
pin sth up
She had photos of her kids pinned up next to her desk.
2.) to make someone unable to move by putting a lot of pressure or weight on them
pin sb/sth to sth
He pinned her arms to her sides.
pin sb against sth
Albert got him pinned against the wall.
pin sb down
They managed to pin him down until the police arrived.
be pinned under/beneath sth
Her body was pinned under the weight of the car.
pin down [pin sb/sth<=>down] phr v
1.) to make someone give clear details or make a definite decision about something
pin somebody/something<=>down to
Did you manage to pin him down to a definite date?
He's impossible to pin down.
2.) to understand something clearly or be able to describe it exactly
hard/difficult to pin down
The flavour was hard to pin down.
3.) if soldiers etc involved in fighting are pinned down, they cannot move from their position because someone is shooting at them
The rebels have been pinned down in a camp to the south of the river.
pin on / [pin sth on sb/sth] phr v
1.) to blame someone for something, often unfairly
Don't try to pin the blame on me!
They're trying to pin the murder on the boyfriend.
2.) pin your hopes/faith on sth/sb
to hope that something will happen or someone will help you, because all your plans depend on this
Chris is pinning his hopes on getting into Yale.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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